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Museum room at the Heinävesi Church
Museum room at the Heinävesi Church
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Kirkkotie 16


Postal address: Heinävesi Parish, Vahvalahdentie 17, FI-79700 Heinävesi

Heinävesi Parish:
Tel. +358 (0)400 484 237

Church and museum

till Aug 5th
daily 11am–6pm

Museum room can be visited announced in advance

During service on Sundays 10 am–11:15 am it is not possible to visit the museum

Open by appointment for groups at other times

In addition to an introduction, groups have an opportunity to participate in an hour of devotion (reservations in advance)

Changing exhibitions and events

Free admission


The Elements of Southern Savo – Air – Spiritual life

The Heinävesi Parish Church is located right in the heart of Heinävesi. Surrounded by fields, the tall church hill dominates the entire village and the surrounding landscape. The church hill is home to the wooden church, the churchyard surrounded by a stone fence and the old cemetery next to it. In addition, the church hill has the old parish hall and a granary that has been transformed into a museum. There is a road leading from the church to the harbour, which was a major inland waterway centre.

The current church, a wooden cruciform building designed by Josef Stenbäck, is Heinävesi’s third church in the same spot. The previous church, which had been drawn by Carl Ludvig Engel and completed in 1840, burnt down in 1887. The current church was built by volunteers from 1890 to 1891 under the direction of construction engineer E. J. Holopainen. The church was designed to hold 2,000 people. It has organs that are from 1906 and 1980. The altar painting — J.E. Kortman’s ”Christ at Gethsemane” — is from 1893.

There is a museum room in the church. Museum room’s exhibition shows old religious items, for example pulpit and chandeliers, which were used in the old church.


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