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Hirvensalmi Museum


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Junnankuja 25


Postal address: Raija Tanttu, Hirvensalmi-seura, Koulutie 6 as 8, FI-52550 Hirvensalmi

Raija Tanttu, Hirvensalmi Association:
Tel. +358 (0)50 380 7055

Jun 14th–Aug 16th
Wed 12pm–3pm

Jun 30th–Jul 2st Common Alder Festival

Other times by appointment

 Changing exhibitions and events 2017
Told by the Home Church


Used by the midwife from the last millennium






 Free admission


The Elements of Southern Savo – Air – Spiritual life

Hirvensalmi municipality

The Hirvensalmi Museum is on the upper floor of a former school building built in the 1920s. The building is located in downtown Hirvensalmi. Next to the museum is the former Civil Guard building and the museum yard, which has a clapboard windmill with a tailpole and a storehouse from the 18th century. The Museum was founded in 1956 and was moved to its current location in 1991. The Hirvensalmi Association is responsible for running the museum.

The museum presents the history of Hirvensalmi in many ways. Other livelihoods, such as banking, are displayed alongside agricultural and forestry displays. The museum also has the products of local craftspeople on display. The museum also hosts special temporary collections.

The Ahti Karjalainen Career Museum ”Tupa” is located next to the Hirvensalmi Museum.


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