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The Karhulahti Museum
The Karhulahti Museum
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Postal address: Municipality of Joroinen/Leisure Activities, Lentoasemantie 130, FI-79600 Joroinen

At opening times:
Tel. +358 (0)50 546 5335

At other times:
Municipality of Joroinen/Leisure Activities, Anitta Korhonen
Tel. +358 (0)40 520 5102

Jun 1st–Jun 30th
Tue to Fri 11am–5pm
Sat 11am–3pm

Jul 1st–Aug 15th
Tue to Fri 11am–5pm
Sat to Sun 11am–3pm

The Summer Cafe Rauhala

Changing exhibitions and events 2018 Admission



Vekara-Varkaus festival week
Jun 14th 12am–4pm

Family Sundays
Jul 1st, Jul 22nd and Aug 5th

Hour of psalm
Aug 14th 1pm

Museum days/early childhood education
Sep 4th–5th

Free admission
The Elements of Southern Savo – Air – Education and culture

The Karhulahti Museum is located approximately 4 km from downtown Joroinen, along the road leading to Kerissalonsaari. The museum is comprised of the main building from 1829, the cottage Rauhala, a storehouse-shed-sauna building, a 3-part row of storehouses, a barn from 1828 and a stable from the 18th century, all of which are from the Karhulahti Farm, The main building is an example of the type of manor characteristic of Eastern Finland, where a 1-storey building has a 2-storey section perpendicular to it. In addition, the yard has a draw well and a handsome lilac “hut”. Slightly farther away from the yard are the smoke sauna, a workshop, a drying barn and three other barns.

The museum is owned by the municipality of Joroinen, which purchased the Karhulahti Farm in 1978. The farmyard was renovated and converted into a local heritage museum in honour of the municipality’s 350-year anniversary. Joroinen’s 4-H Club is responsible for the museum’s customer service as an outsourced service of the municipality.

The Karhulahti Farm had already come into existence no later than the 16th century. This wealthy farm had a number of different owners. In addition to agriculture, the farm has been used for administrative official purposes. It served as a house for the rural police chief at the beginning of the 19th century. From 1802 to 1806, it served in Karhulahti as Joroinen’s first post office.

The museum’s exhibition provides a versatile look at life on the farm. The main building is decorated as if the people living it have only left their work and gone outside for a little while. The common room has a lot of different tools and implements, e.g., a loom and a large masonry oven for baking. The décor of the drawing room consists of the elegant furniture that was part of the furnishings in a wealthy house. In the back is the office of the master of the house with its desk, typewriter and calculator. Upstairs is an exhibition of maps from the 17th to 20th centuries that have Joroinen on them.

Next door to the Karhulahti Open-Air Museum is a golf course, whose clubhouse has a coffeeshop in it.

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