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The Juva Museum and the Juva Karelian Museum
Pattoi farmstead
The Juva Museum and the Juva Karelian Museum
Address & Map
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Huttulantie 1 A


Postal address: Juvan kunta, Kulttuuripalvelut, Partala, PL 28, FI-51901 Juva

At opening times:
Tel. +358 (0)400 136 195

At other times:
Johanna Kuusisto,
Juva municipality, johanna.kuusisto(at)
Tel. +358 (0)400 136 176

Jun 12th–Aug 25th
Tue to Sat 11am–5pm

Closed on Midsummer:
Jun 22nd–23rd

Open from 5pm to 7pm before the King's Manor summer theater evening shows

Other times by appointment

 Changing exhibitions and events 2018

Changing exhibitions

Partala's centuries

Partala 1700-luvun kartassa
Juva village with a church at 18th century, click for bigger size

Old photographs from Juva

Hevosta tarkastetaan
"Horseshow" at Partala, Juva Home Archive, click for bigger size

My Juva mural


  • Jun 16th – Partala Museum Area opening

Adults 4 €

Children, students and pensionaries 2 €

Groups 2 €/person
(min. 11 people)

Joint ticket for Juva Museum, Juva Karelian Museum and Gallery Kuninkaankartano


The Elements of Southern Savo – Earth – Forests and the earth's bounty

The Elements of Southern Savo – Fire – A time of peace

Municipality of Juva

The Juva Museum is on the Partala demesne farm founded by Gustav I of Sweden in the 1550s. The existing classicistic manor was built in the late 19th century. The buildings were renovated and converted into a museum in 1991. The collection includes about 3,000 objects, mainly related to farming and housekeeping. While the museum collections are owned by the regional history and museum society of Juva, they have been turned over to the municipality of Juva, which also sees to running the museum.

The Juva Karelian Museum is located in the same yard as the Juva Museum, in the community hall of the Partala demesne farm. The Juva Karelian Museum opened its doors in 1980. The collection is owned by Juvan karjalaiset ry and the municipality of Juva is responsible for its opening hours.

The museum has items that Karelian refugees and evacuees who settled in Juva brought with them from their homes in areas that were ceded to the Soviet Union after the Winter and Continuation Wars. Juva became home to Karelian refugees from several parishes that are now on the other side of the border. Juva was the main town that the refugees from Rautjärvi settled in and the majority of the museums’ artefacts are from that parish. On display are items related to crop and stock farming and furniture. The museum also has sizeable collections of textiles.

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