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The Pitkäpelto Community House
Tea party 2018, photo Ulla Moilanen
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Makkolantie 1139


Postal address: Kangasniemi Museum and History Association, c/o Raija Vehmala, Tiiholantie 495, FI-51200 Kangasniemi

Irene Spännäri, Kangasniemi Museum and History Association
Tel. +358 (0)40 5964 692

Jul 1st–Jul 31st

Sun 12pm–3pm

 Changing exhibitions and events 2018

 Summer Church Jul 22nd 3pm

Adults 2 €

Children 1 €


The Elements of Southern Savo – Earth – Farmhouses, home and farm

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Tea party 2018, photo Ulla Moilanen

The Pitkäpelto House Museum is located approximately 18 km from downtown Kangasniemi. Pitkäpelto has served as a museum since 1967, when the Kangasniemi Local Heritage Association, which is still in charge of it, purchased the buildings from Eino and Elli Huikko.

The museum is comprised of the Pitkäpelto farmhouse with its main building, storehouses and outbuildings, windmills and farmyard. The yard has buildings that were there to begin with and buildings moved from other sites.

The main building is from 1826. The logs and cladding are hand sawn and planed. Originally, the main building was a chimneyless hut, although a chimney was later on added to it. Nowadays, the main building has a spacious, large-ovened common room, bedroom and kitchen, between which is a walk-through passageway. The fenced off part of the yard next to the main building has a row of storehouses, two separate storehouses and a smoke sauna. The stockyard was lined with stable buildings.

The row of storehouses on the edges of the yard are in their original places, and, starting from the south side, it has sleeping quarters, a storehouse for wooden vessels, two granaries and a storehouse for meat and other foodstuffs. Two unpainted storehouses from the Halttunen farm, Koskenniemi, have been moved to the edge of the garden. The smaller storehouse was for clothes, and the two-storey house has a beam that reads 1767. It is the oldest building in the Pitkäpelto farm; its ground floor was used for storing corn and the upstairs served as a bedroom.

In addition, the yard has a drying barn and a regular barn. At the start of the road leading to the farmyard stands a log windmill from 1847.

Some of the artefacts on display in the buildings are the original furniture from the Pitkäpelto Farm, but the collection has been expanded with artefacts collected elsewhere, as well.

Dunckerin kersantti, a film set in the Finnish War (1808-1809), was shot in the Pitkäpelto farm in 1987. It was produced by Yle and directed by Timo Bergholm.

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