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Exhibition on Military History "At the last line"
Exhibition on Military History "At The Last Line"
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Veneenniementie 64
FI-58200 Kerimäki


Hotel Herttua:
Tel. +358 (0)15 769 900


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Salpa Line

Salpa for tourists


In Kerimäki, about a 15-minute walk from downtown, has an exhibition on military history entitled ”At the last line”. The exhibition is owned and run by the Herttua Hotel. The hotel yard has fortifications that were part of the Salpa Line and that have partially been restored. The Salpa Line was built from 1940 to 1944 as a defence line for eastern Finland. At the time, it was the largest construction site in the history of the country. It also had bunkers as living quarters, machine-gun nests, gun emplacements and 350 km of trenches.

In addition to fortifications, the exhibition contains guns and a tank located in the yard and two exhibition rooms indoors. One of the rooms displays wartime equipment and military events using maps, photographs and artefacts. The other room shows the impact war had on the civilian population. It has Finnish goods and utility items from the era of the Great Depression.

Most of the heavy war equipment is located along a nature trail at Veneenniementie. The trail played an important part in the war, and the guns can be viewed along the guided route. The route introduces visitors to the history of wars in Finland, the Salpa Line, local military history as well as the history and uses of the various guns, not forgetting the surrounding nature.

The hotel has extensive services.

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