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The Iso-Pappila Open-Air Museum
The Miekankoski Museum of Log Floating
The Iso-Pappila Open-Air Museum

Industrial Mäntyharju

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Iso-Pappilantie 2


Postal address: Anu Yli-Pyky, Mäntyharju municipality, PL 76, 52701 Mäntyharju

Mäntyharju municipality:
Tel. +358 (0)400 797 944

In summertime
Jun 11th–Aug 12th):
Tel. +358 (0)44 262 3307

Jun 11th–Aug 12th
daily 11am–5pm

Closed on Midsummer (Jun 22nd–24th)

 Changing exhibitions and events 2018 Admission
Mäntyharju 1918 – Civil War



Adults 4 €

Pensioners, students, etc .2 €

Children (under 18 years) free admission


The Elements of Southern Savo – Earth – Along the ground

Municipality of Mäntyharju – Tourist Information

Salmela Art Centre

Iso-Pappilan väentupa

The Iso-Pappila Open-Air Museum, run by the municipality of Mäntyharju, is located in downtown Mäntyharju. It was named during the time of Dean A. A. Berner, after the rectory built by the rector in 1812. The Empire façade of the rectory building is mainly from 1854, although the building was expanded again in 1933. The museum grounds also include the rectory’s community hall from the 19th century and the storehouse, a firewood-carriage shed and a large stone barn that was built in 1899. In addition, the farmyard has a drying barn, a workshop, cellars and a garden.

The community hall has been decorated like a typical room in a farmhouse in Mäntyharju. The other end of the house has an exhibition that gives an extensive presentation of the history of Mäntyharju. Also on display are the photographs taken by photographer Nestor Kurvinen from Mäntyharju and the equipment he used to take the photos.

Upstairs in the barn is a diverse collection of horse-powered vehicles. Downstairs visitors can find work by the Salmela Art Centre and sculptor Nina Terno.

Salmela Art Centre is near the museum. Next to the museum grounds is Veterans’ Park. The area’s first industrial plant, a sawmill and the monuments to the battles fought in 1918 in Mouhu can all be found in Mäntyharju.

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