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The Miekankoski Museum of Log Floating

Miekankosken uittomuseon yläkerta

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Miekankoskentie 942


Postal address: Anu Yli-Pyky, Mäntyharjun kunta, PL 76, 52701 Mäntyharju

Tel. +358 (0)400 653 281

Museum (Municipality of Mäntyharju):
Tel. +358 (0)15 770 111

Apr 28th–Aug 27th
daily 10am–8pm

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The Elements of Southern Savo – Earth – Industry at the mercy of wood and water

Municipality of Mäntyharju

Free admission

Miekankoski Museum of Log-floating is located in an authentic log floater environment at Miekankoski, about 10 kilometres from the Mäntyharju parish village. When a shortcut route was built from the Lake Saimaa to the Mäntyharju waterway in 1910, Miekankoski became an intersection of two important log-floating routes. A log-floating cabin, a forge and a warehouse were built in the location – the current buildings date back to 1940s.

Log-floating in Miekankoski ended in 1975, and the area was renovated for museum and tourism use in 1990. The ownership of the log-floating museum was transferred to the Mäntyharju municipality in 1996. The log-floating cabin now hosts a cafeteria, and the warehouse building next to it houses the Log-floating Museum exhibition. The Miekankoski cafeteria is responsible for running the museum.

In the 1743 Peace of Turku, the border between Sweden and Russia was defined to go through Miekankoski; this is marked by the Peace of Turku Memorial, and a plaque telling about the history of the place.

Miekankoski is also a well-known place for fishing at the rapids, and fishing licenses are sold in the cafeteria.

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