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Jääkärinkatu 6–8
FI-50100 Mikkeli


Customer Service:
Tel. +358 (0)15 369 666

Museum manager Markku Riittinen:
Tel. +358 (0)44 3369 666

Jan 3rd–May 31st
Wed–Sun 11am–4pm
Ticket sale closes at 3pm

Jun 1st–Aug 31st
daily 10am–5pm
Ticket sale closes at 4pm

Sep 1st onwards
Wed–Sun 11am–4pm
Ticket sale closes at 3pm

Changing exhibitions and events 2018
The second building houses changing exhibitions on special themes, including infantry traditions from periods of war and peace from the 18th century until today. The latest one is the military radio station exhibition, the exhibition about the 60 years of Finnish peacekeeping operations and ‘Meijjän pojat' (‘Our lads') exhibition that introduces visitors to the Mikkeli military band's activities between 1945 and 2013. Other exhibition themes include a soldiers' canteen, service troops, civil guard boys, Finnish volunteer battalion in the Waffen-SS and the history of the garrison.

Adults 8 €

Pensioners and students 4 €

Under 7 years old, veterans, lottas and conscripts free admission

Children (7–17 years old) 2 €

Guidance fee 40 € (in English, German)


The Elements of Southern Savo – Fire – A time of peace

The Infantry Museum

The Infantry Museum is located near downtown Mikkeli in the old barrack area, which has been preserved in almost its original condition and scope. The barrack area was built according to the plans of Architects E. B. Lohrmann and A. Boman at the end of the 19th century.  Eleven clapboard log buildings are part of the ensemble of wood buildings that have been built in a uniform way. The area also has other buildings and parks with birches growing. The Infantry Museum has three wood barracks at its disposal.

The museum, which was established in 1982, is run by the Infantry Foundation. The artefacts in the collection have been donated by private individuals. In addition, the museum has artefacts it has borrowed from the Military Museum on display. The museum’s diverse exhibitions provide a comprehensive picture of the history of Finland’s infantry. They depict the life of a soldier on both the battlefield and in peacetime in the barracks and on the drill ground. The museum also hosts special collections on a temporary basis

The main building has an exhibition on the infantry of Independent Finland on display. A display of the army arming itself and events in the 20th century that occurred during the Independence, Winter, Continuation and Lapland Wars. The museum artefacts are supplemented by black-and-white and colour photographs and dioramas of the Battles of Tuulos and Ihantala.

In connection with the museum, there is also a museum shop and a cafeteria.

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