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Jäppilän kotiseutumuseon vintti

Address & Map
Enquiries Open 2018

Kirkkotie 11


Postal address: Tiina Silvast-Törrönen, Pieksämäki town, PL 125, FI-76101 Pieksämäki

Jäppilä library, Pieksämäki town:
Tel. +358 (0)44 787 4022

Jul 28th

Other times open by appointment

Changing exhibitions and events 2018
Jul 28th Jäppilä Summer Day

Free admission


The Elements of Southern Savo – Water  – Along the water

 VIsit Pieksämäki

The Jäppilä Museum is integrated into the landscape of downtown Jäppilä. Of the old architecture in downtown Jäppilä, the church built in 1872 and its churchyard and cemetery surrounded by a stone fence, the former granary that is now a museum, the school, the town hall and the older housing are left.

The Jäppilä museum was founded in 1961 in the town’s former municipal granary. This unclad, log granary painted with yellow ochre was built in 1882. The city of Pieksämäki owns and runs the museum.

This exhibition on two floors has a diverse collection of items that shed light on the life of the town’s residents on display, with a focus on agriculture-related livelihoods. In addition, there are artefacts related to farming, fishing, transportation and housekeeping on display. The museum also has school-related items on display.

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