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Postal address: CIty of Savonlinna, Technical services/Facility services, Olavinkatu 27
FI-57130 Savonlinna

Anneli Pulkka, Hiukkajoki Village Association:
Tel. +358 (0)40 707 2687


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The Elements of Southern Savo – Earth – Forests and the earth's bounty

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The Punkaharju Museum is in the village of Hiukkajoki in Hälvänmäki, slightly less than 15 km from downtown Punkaharju. The museum, which is owned and run by the city of Savonlinna, is comprised of the Sairanen family farm, Kivelä. There were still people living on the farm at the end of the 1950s. In 1963, Punkaharju acquired the farm and it was opened as a local heritage museum in 1965. The Punkaharju Society was involved in converting it into a museum.

Besides the main building, the museum grounds also include a stone barn, a sauna, a shed, a sheep barn and a row of storehouses in their original locations. The farm buildings are from the 19th century and represent a farmhouse typical of the region. Tradition has it that the main building was built of wood left over from the construction of the Kerimäki Church . In addition, the museum grounds have a windmill that was moved there from Vaahersalo.

The main building, with its furniture and tools, has been decorated to look like someone still lives there. The storehouses have fishing equipment and tools of the trade for a smith and a cobbler. The artefacts on display are mainly from the Hälvämäki house. Some artefacts have also come from houses in Hiukkajoki and the village of Putikko.

There are three boarding houses, etc., in Hiukkajoki near the museum.

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