Muisti Centre of War and Peace

Muisti Centre of War and Peace

Muisti Centre of War and Peace is a science centre that communicates about war as a phenomenon, and also about its cultural heritage. Muisti (the Finnish word for “memory”), together with the Headquarters Museum, constitute an entity that shares information about war in order to advocate peace.

Finland has a great story to tell to the rest of the world. It is brought to life in our exhibitions with the help of
modern technology and stories told by ordinary people. What impact would war have had on you? Muisti uses
digital exhibition technology in a unique way, making it possible for the visitors to experience war from their own personal perspective.

Muisti makes people think about and grasp the reality and atrocity of war, but also the ability of humans to adapt and pull through. Muisti helps us remember what happened, so that it would not happen ever again.

Muisti is for those interested in military history, and especially for those not interested in it.

Open 2024



Last modified: 15 Apr 2024

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