Southern Savo's local museums

Southern Savo has 12 municipalities, which have a total of 37 local museums, attractions and exhibitions. There are four professionally run museums; the rest are run by nonprofessionals or are run by the towns in conjunction with their other cultural activities. The majority of museums were founded in the 1960–70s as a result of enthusiastic work done on developing and preserving the cultural heritage of the region. Later on, these associations have ceased their activities in many towns, resulting in the collections and buildings that had been converted into museums becoming the towns’ responsibility.

Some museums have been established in old granaries, some in old industrial buildings. Museums in houses allow visitors to experience authentic farms and the specialist museums introduce them to specific themes. The diverse museum exhibitions show the local way of life and the history of the towns’ peasant and cultural history.

Local museums with their museum buildings, collections and exhibitions are part of our shared cultural heritage. They provide visitors with experiences and information. The museum buildings themselves are culturally and historically valuable. The museums describe local history and thus contribute greatly when a local identity is being created and in boosting local spirit. Together, the local museums lay the foundation for the cultural identity of Southern Savo and provide the building blocks necessary for the region’s image.

Museum categories

Last modified: 15 Jul 2023

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