The Bagge museum

the bagge museum

The Bagge Museum operates in the shopping warehouse of Jumikkala Manor in the church village of Rantasalmi. The name of the farm dates back to the 1630s, and over the centuries a farm, Lieutenant Puustelli, a trivial school, a tavern, a land trade with powder sales rights, a bank, a civic school and a dentist have operated on the site. The Bagge family, who owned the farm, also traded wholesale with Russia in the 19th and 20th centuries.

The owner of Jumikkala manor, dentist Sisko Bagge, collected artefacts in the 1980s and 1990s in the commercial warehouse in the manor’s yard, where the museum was opened. In the 1980s in connection with the Culture Days. In 2006, Bagge donated a forest plot to the Rantasalmi Recreation and Education Foundation, which created a special fund. Next year Bagge also bequeathed Jumikkala Manor, adding forest and other property to the special fund. According to the fund rules, Jumikkala must practise catering restaurant service, preserve Jumikkala manor as an attraction for future generations, establish an alpine rose park along the fitness trails on the manor grounds, and maintain a museum of goods collected by Sisko Bagge, which started being open annually in 2013.

The oldest part of Jumikkala’s main building is from the 18th century, and possibly contains trivial school structures. The living room has been moved elsewhere in the early 20th century. Other buildings include barns, a cellar, a stable and a commercial warehouse, where the exhibition has been showcasing handicrafts, clothing, dishes, tools and trade since the 19th century and banking-related material from Jumikkala Manor as well as elsewhere.

Open 2023


The museum can be introduced to groups of at least 10 people upon request

Likewise, the museum can be kept open for parties or meetings at the manor upon separate request


Free entry during opening hours

Guidance for groups is 2€/person, minimum of 20€/group. Available also in Swedish and in German


Hotel Rinssi-Eversti
Tel. +358 (015) 440 761

Group orders Vesa Auvinen
Tel. +358 (0)40 505 8994

Address & Map

Kylätie 58


Postal address: Rantasalmi Recreation and Culture Foundation sr, c/o Vesa Auvinen, Ketveleentie 157 C, FI-58900 Rantasalmi

Last modified: 7 Jun 2023

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