Haukivuori Museum

Haukivuori Museum

The Haukivuori Museum is located in downtown Haukivuori, the town’s old centre, where the old milieu of the village, along with its administrative buildings, can still be found. In addition to the museum itself, the old parish hall, a former elementary school and residential buildings from the turn of the 20th century can be found along the road leading from the church to the vicarage.

The museum is located in an old log granary that used to be the municipal granary. The museum was opened to the public in 1962 and has been run by the Haukivuori Local Heritage Association (Haukivuoren kotiseutuyhdistys ry).

The exhibition is on both floors. The exhibitions, grouped according to subject, provide a comprehensive picture of the life of people living in Haukivuori. On display are items related to various livelihoods such as agriculture, fishing, blacksmithing and carpentry. Upstairs, there is a section about attending school. The little pleasures in life have not been forgotten either, as there are also items for roasting coffee, growing your own tobacco, etc.

There is also a windmill built in 1905 on the museum grounds that was moved to its current location from the village of Häkkilä in 1966.

Open 2023

Jun 28th–Jul 30th
Wed 3pm–7pm

Sat–Sun 11am–3pm

Other times by appointment


Voluntary admission fee


Salli Suhonen, Haukivuori
Local Heritage Association:
Tel. +358 (0)40 8482 433

Address & Map

Kirkontie 325
Haukivuoren kirkonkylä


Postal address: Haukivuori Local Heritage Association, c/o Tarja Vahvaselkä, Uittotie 6, FI-51600 Haukivuori

Last modified: 1 Jun 2023

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