The Moisio Hospital Museum

The Moisio Hospital Museum

The Moisio Hospital Museum is located in the Moisio Hospital. Moisio is approximately 6 km from downtown Mikkeli. The museum has at its disposal the former living and social quarters of the hospital’s kitchen stuff located in the classical hospital building designed by Architect Axel Mörne. The Hospital Museum is owned and run by The Social and Health Care Joint Authority of South Savo The hospital’s former employees volunteer to staff the museum and give tours. The Museum was opened when Moisio Hospital turned 60 in 1987.

The Museum provides a diverse and interesting point of view about the history of psychiatric treatment and the special community of Moisio Hospital. Psychiatric hospitals were closed off and separated from the rest of society for a long time. Both patients and staff lived on the hospital grounds, where outsiders had no business being. Just by existing, the Moisio Hospital Museum already reveals something about the transformation of hospital institutions: this museum, which is open to the public, is located on hospital grounds.

The exhibition talks about psychiatric treatment and its methods as well as about life in the hospital community. The exhibition rooms have been decorated to reflect patient rooms, nurse work areas and treatment rooms, and the canteen, too. Many handicrafts made by the patients are on display. Work was used as a form of treatment. The handicrafts and furniture created at the hospital was sold and the proceeds helped the hospital financially, as well.

There is a coffeeshop at the hospital. Right next to the hospital is the road Porrassalmen museotie, alongside which there is a monument to the battle of Porrassalmi (13 June 1789).

Open 2021

Closed year 2021


Free admission


until July 31st, 2021
Riitta Laakkonen, Moisio
Hospital Cafe:
Tel. +358 (0)44 351 4137

Address & Map

Moisiontie 9
(A-building, main entrance)


Postal address: The South Savo Social and Health Care
Authority, The Moisio Hospital Museum, Porrassalmenkatu 35–37, FI-50100 Mikkeli

Last modified: 23 Sep 2021

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