Machine-gun Bunker #4

Machine-gun Bunker #4

The machine-gun bunker is located in downtown Puumala. Although the bunker belongs to the Ministry of Finance, Puumala is responsible for keeping it open. This concrete bunker was built in 1941 as part of the Salpa Line.

The Salpa Line was built from 1940 to 1944 as a defence line for eastern border. At the time, it was the largest construction site in the history of the country. Besides the machine-gun bunker in Puumala, approximately 700 concrete bunkers were built. The Salpa Line also had bunkers as living quarters, machine-gun nests, gun
emplacements and 350 km of trenches.

The walls of the bunker are made of reinforced concrete and are 160–210 cm thick. The bunker has enough room for 20 individuals. In addition, it has its own well, sewerage and ventilation, which meant that it was possible to defend the bunker without outside help.

The bunker was equipped with a Maxim machine gun, a 45-mm anti-tank gun and a submachine gun. The antitank gun has been left in the bunker in Puumala.

Opening hours 2023

Jul 3rd–30th
Wed to Sun 11am–6pm


Travel Info:
Tel. +358 (0)50 562 0706


Free admission

Address & Map

Pappilantie 2
52200 Puumala


Postal address: Puumala municipality, Keskustie 14, FI-52200 Puumala

Last modified: 6 Jun 2023

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