The Vuokala Museum Mill and Power Plant

The Vuokala Museum Mill and Power Plant

The Vuokala Museum Mill and Power Plant is located in downtown Savonranta. The first Vuokala Mill was established already in the 1860s. At the beginning of the 20th century, a hydroelectric power plant next to it to produce electricity. Savonranta was the first rural town to receive electricity in Finland. The current mill building is from 1937. They heyday of the mill was in the 1950s when it had four millers working there and grain brought from surrounding towns was ground night and day. Nowadays, the municipality of Savonranta owns the mill and Savonrannan Kädentaitajat ry is responsible for its opening hours.

From 2001 to 2003, the mill was renovated as a part of the requirements of the Vuokala-Savonranta fishing tourism and future project. Visitors to the Vuokala Mill can examine the mill equipment, which is in good shape and practically in working order. The mill’s wooden equipment is situated on four floors and a grain of wheat travels four km on its way to becoming flour.

The power plant is still running and today, allowing the residents of Savonranta to draw electricity from their own power plant. Art exhibitions are also held at the mill. It houses the handicraft exhibition of Savonrannan
kädentaitajien ry and has a store and an information desk for the Kolovesi National Park. Nearby are splendid fishing grounds. In close vicinity to the mill, there is a guest marina and two restaurants.

Open 2023

Jun 6–Aug 31st
Tue–Fri 10am–4pm
Sat 10am–2pm

Changing exhibitions and events 2023

Veikko Luostarinen’s paintings exhibition

Items made of birchbark exhibition


Free admission


Travel Info:
Tel. +358 (0)44 990 1357

Savonranta Handicrafts Association:
Tel. +358 (0)400 760 383

Address & Map

Lamminniementie 6


Postal address: The Vuokala Museum Mill and Power Plant, c/o Ulla Lindell, Tyniläntie 35, FI-58360 Säimen

Last modified: 6 Jun 2023

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